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2019-11-02 2019 New Soft as a marshmallow♡ Marshmallow Finish Foundation♡

新品- CANMAKE 棉花糖美肌粉餅 

ML. (Matte Light Orchre) 

Soft as a marshmallow
Get sophisticated and ladylike skin with a matte twist.

Offers a bare skin finish, yet with superb coverage. 
Just sweep it on for enviously matte skin that looks stunning even in close-up. 
New shade for brighter complexions.

Perfect that sweet-faced look with a soft, matte texture ❤
Foundation with a marshmallow-soft finish.
◆Removable with facial wash
◆Contains natural mineral ingredients
◆Contains 10 types of beauty ingredients
◆Comes with a mirror and a sponge

Marshmallow Finish Foundation banishes all your worries!
Worry No.1 My skin’s dry, yet still shiny

beautifying ingredients × anti-shine powder
Prevents roughness, while absorbing excess sebum

Worry No.2 I want good coverage, but I hate make-up that feels thick and heavy...
high-coverage powder × natural mineral powder
Offers a bare skin finish, yet conceals both pores and uneven color ❤

Worry No.3 I want something that’s easy to use every day...
Removable with facial wash.* When used alone

Marshmallow Finish Foundation ¥950(tax excluded)

[New Color]
ML Matte Light Ochre ---- A brighter ochre.
MO Matte Ochre ---- A bright ochre.
MB Matte Beige Ochre ---- A natural ochre.

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