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2020-01-02 Super 熱銷品 Reward hair that fights damage ♡ Fragrance hair milk with a fragrance like a girl ♡

Editor Choice ❤️ 高島生活館 TAKASHIMA 

Fragrance hair milk of “FIANCEE”  

● 吹整、離子燙、燙髮 現代女性與受損秀髮的拉鋸戰,用溫柔的香氛護髮乳給辛苦的秀髮滿滿

的呵護。輕盈的香氛護髮乳讓護髮從例行公事變成大大的享受 ● 秀髮絲滑不黏膩、輕盈有活力、柔順好梳理

● 輕鬆擠壓出髮乳的瓶身設計

The coming season when dryness is a concern. You want to keep your hair shiny and shiny!  Check out the items that look, feel and smell are cute, so be sure to check them out ♡ it will launch at Takashima 高島生活館 各門市

Reward hair that fights damage ♡ Fiancee Fragrance hair milk that leads to beautiful hair with girly scent and moisture ♡

Do you do hair care every day? I have been coloring for 7 years and ironing every day, so it has considerable damage to my hair.

There is plenty of UV rays in summer & winter also, , so if you don't take care of your hair after taking a bath, you will be in such a bad condition.

If you are worried about spreading your hair and getting stiff, you must see it! This hair milk contains hair repairing ingredients, and also reduces the spread due to damage.

In addition, the hair tips with 5 types of vegetable oils, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and moisturizing ingredients and heat-protecting ingredients give the moisturized hair tips!

How to use fragrance hair milk ♡

For long hair, I split my hair into two and used 1.5 pushes on one side! ( no need wash off ) 免沖洗護髮乳

There is no stickiness and it is light, so it fits lightly in your palm ♡ 香 芬 香 芬  Gentle pure shampoo fragrance makes troublesome hair care a relaxing time ♡

Gently massage into the hair after towel drying. I was worried about the spread of the hair tips, so I would like to firmly cover the parts I care about. Gently finish with a dryer and it is completed ♡

From the best proportions of ingredients that have a great conditioning effect to the back of your hair, it's moist and smooth. Actually, this hair milk contains a hair color keeping component that coats the hair and improves the color.

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