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2021-02-23 2021 CANMAKE makeup debut X Unlock your potenital

 2021 年 期 許 ~~盡 情 寵 愛 自 己~!獲 得 他 人 良 好 的 第 一 印 象 

輕鬆 3樣 產品可讓您隨時隨地都能輕易化出帶閃亮


Unlock your BEAUTYpotential from CANMAKE 

♡  Debut make-up Absolutely cute with standard colors!  可愛親和力妝感

♡  Good impression absolute makeup  好印象妝感 

Let CANMAKE change you ~~ 

WHICH Looks is  make-up Debut 

【Absolutely cute 】with standard colors! 

【Good impression absolute makeup 】

Second debut makeup Always change makeup!  

I'm new with a red color.  Which one will you debut?

Spring is coming to that point ! 

I'm thrilled with new encounters and new environments, but makeup is on your side 

Delicate luster and juicy  3-color eyeshadow

What is your impression of being? 

Cute Place C lame on the center of the eye hole and the inner corner of the lower eyelid  

Adult-like A and B are layered on the entire eye hole, and C lame is lightly layered on top.  ・ 

With tip ・ Contains beauty essence ingredients

 Canmake Juicy Pure Eyes 

11 Strawberry cocoa Pink brown, not too sweet  

06 Baby apricot pink Natural and easy-to-use coral pink

 It's like lip balm! Coloring rouge  ・ UV cut ・ 

Contains beauty moisturizing ingredients   

Canmake Stain Balm Rouge  


20 cotton peony Easy-to-use coral pink  

02 Smiley Gerbera Fashionable orange

【Debut Make up】 Juicy Pure Eyes 11, Powder Cheeks PW23, Steion Balm Rouge 20, Perfect Airy Eyebrow 03, Lasting Liquid Liner 04, Quick Rush Curler BK, Creamy Foundation Stick 03, Marshmallow Finish Powder ML, Cream Highlighter 01, Glow Twin Color 01・ Foundation Colors 01, etc.

【Second Debut Make up 】Juicy Pure Eyes 06, Powder Cheeks PW43, Steion Balm Rouge 02, Perfect Airy Eyebrow 03, Lasting Liquid Liner 02, Quick Rush Curler Long Mascara 02, Creamy Foundation Stick 03, Transparent Finish Powder SB, Highlighter L01, Shading Powder 03・ Foundation Colors 01, etc.

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