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2021-07-20 2021 Sweets-Sweets Debut x Recommended for mask makeup in the hot season! Introducing anti-collapse items that can be added to your usual makeup.

3D Eye Base


閃耀光澤感 深邃眼影打底棒





  • 3D eye base

    Eye shadow base that creates a three-dimensional effect

    • A quick coat! It 
      can also be used as a moisturizing stick-type eyeshadow base face highlight.
    • Coloring of powder shadow & mochi UP
    • Keeps glossy skin for a long time
    • Moisturizing & non-greasy prescription
    • waterproof

    Makeup Recipe

    Apply the stick directly to a clean eyelid or take it on your fingertips and spread it thinly.

    As an eyeshadow base
    Before powder eyeshadow (A)
    As a highlight
    Under the eyebrows (B) / C zone (C)

    If you put it out too much, it may break.4-5mmPlease use it by pulling it out. When removing make-up, carefully remove it with cleansing oil.

    White that gives a sense of transparency with blue glitter and silver glitter. Glitter large grain shine. Change the nuances of matte and eye shadows with less glitter for a glittering and transparent finish.

    Beige that brightens the dullness of the eyelids with red gold polarized pearls and red glitter. Elegant shine like wet. It is recommended to layer it with brown / pink powder eyeshadow.

3D eye base Waterproof eye shadow base. Since it is resistant to sweat and sebum, it does not easily get twisted and improves color development, so it makes a difference in the finish immediately after makeup! I am happy that it is easy to use with a non-greasy prescription 

Available in two colors: 

white No. 01, which creates a sense of transparency, and 

beige No. 02, which brightens dullness.  







Creamy Matte Eyes WP

  • Creamy Matt Eyes WP

  • 1 color 

Makeup Recipe

  • Adjust the amount applied on the back of your hand.
  • Apply directly to the eyelids with a tip and quickly apply with your fingers.
  • Easy gradation is completed by overlaying on the edge of the eyes ♥
    • ● After use, please remove it thoroughly with a cleansing agent (oil / cream).
01 Chocolat Brown
Natural brown that is easy for anyone to use. 
Creates natural shadows and improves eyesight even though it is natural. Since it is highly colored, it will develop lighter if you stretch it a little, and darker if you apply it again.

Creamy Matt Eyes WP Liquid eyeshadow that gives a smooth finish. It's resistant to water, sweat, and sebum, so it's perfect for the coming season 

Gradation is completed with this one    It adheres firmly and does not easily accumulate in double grooves. 

Lasting Lip Coat

  • Lasting lip coat

    clear luster that won't come off even if you eat or drink ❤ Lip coat

    • Water resistant waterproof
    • Smooth finish that is not sticky
    • Spatula tip that keeps your hands clean
    • Sweet Delicious Essence
      Contains orange oil, grapefruit fruit extract, raspberry extract, and peach leaf extract (moisturizing ingredient)
    • Just apply it over your lipstick or gloss!
    • Not only when eating and drinking, but also when you can't fix your makeup
    • A lip coat that does not easily fade for a long time.
    • Sweets Recommended to use with sweets lip products ♥

    Makeup Recipe

    Shake well and then apply firmly to the inside of your lips so that it is thinly layered on your lip color .

    • Shape it into the shape of an "I" and apply it so that it fits into the vertical wrinkles.
    • Shape it into the shape of a "U" and apply it firmly to the inside of your lips.

    When removing make-up, carefully remove it with cleansing (oil, cream, etc.).


    スウィーツ スウィーツ ラスティングリップコート 01 1個の商品情報|【ココカラクラブ】ドラッグストアのココカラファイン

    01 clear

     Lasting Lip Coat Whether you eat, drink, or wear a mask! A lip coat that does not easily fad 

It is a lip makeup that easily collapses when wearing a mask, but if you use the lasting lip coat over your lip, the color transfer to the mask will be reduced 

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