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2021-07-21 2021 Debut x SWEETSSWEETS Under Eyes Protector X 防暈控油×打亮校色,2in1一盤雙效!




●添加玻尿酸、水解膠原蛋白、潤膚保濕成分Ceramide(NG)和Ceramide(AP) 、奇異果萃取、蘋果果實萃取、角鯊烷、荷荷芭油。



  • Undereyes protector

Prevents sebum from collapsing and skin color correction powder on the lower eyelids that prevent makeup from collapsing

  • When used as a base for tear bag makeup, the color of the lower eyelids will be evenly adjusted, so the tear bag will look good and will be beautifully finished.
  • When you wear a mask, your breath reaches your eyes as steam, and moisture accumulates around your eyes when you are wearing eye makeup. Makes such sticky eyes smooth.
  • Smooth powder (white collar)

    [Difficult to collapse & oil control effect] The 
    matte and smooth texture does not interfere with the eye makeup layered from above. 

    Sebum-adsorbing powder * 1 adsorbs sebum, which causes collapse, and prevents makeup from collapsing on the lower eyelids. 
    Spherical smooth powder * 2 for smooth eyes!

  • Moist powder (green color)

    [Redness correction / dullness cover & color control effect] 
    Contains sodium hyaluronate, water-soluble collagen, ceramide NP, ceramide NG, ceramide AP, kiwi extract, apple fruit extract, squalane, and jojoba seed oil (moisturizing ingredient). 

    Control your skin color with green color! The gold pearl formulation covers dullness, and the silver pearl formulation improves transparency!

  • Plenty of hair! With a flat brush that has good powder content and is thick
  • No cleansing fee required Makeup off with just face wash or soap ♥ *
  • Makeup Recipe

    • Make-collapse is difficult to lower eyelid to
      Before eye makeup, apply white-collar to the lower eyelid creases by sliding with the tips of the brush.
    • Plus transparency
      To finish the makeup, apply the green color to the entire lower eyelid by sliding the brush.
    • As a base for tear bag makeup
      Blend the two colors with a brush and apply to the lower eyelid creases by sliding with the tips of the hair. After that, please make a tear bag.
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