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2021-11-16 2021 CANMAKE 秋季新品不斷電 Debut x Azuki bean red & Matcha green♡ Shades inspired by Japanese sweets♡

You’ve outgrown brown!
Move on to shades inspired by Japanese sweets 

and enjoy a flood of compliments.

Azuki bean red blends in with your eyes.  Matcha green is utterly stylish.
Which color do you want to try?

時尚低彩度『抹茶眼影』! 日雜熱烈討論✨都會女子必備綠色系眼影

超人氣 #舒芙蕾眼彩組 最新推出限定色 #09卡其褐

濃濃抹茶????上眼就有高級感 特調????卡其配色 自然又時尚

都會高冷V.S.清新質感 可鹽可甜好駕馭

☑舒芙蕾質地 柔軟好上色☑高顯色度 珠光細膩☑不飛粉、不脫妝

2021秋季限定新品即將上市 !



#舒芙蕾眼彩組 最新限定色 #09卡其褐

#激細滑順眼線膠筆 最新限定色 #08卡其綠


#舒芙蕾眼彩組 人氣常規色 #06煙燻粉

#激細滑順眼線膠筆 最新限定色 #07紅褐色


CANMAKE 舒芙蕾眼彩組 09 Urban Khak

CANMAKE 舒芙蕾眼彩組 06 Topaz Pink

Tantalizingly smooth texture.
An ultra-fine gel eyeliner that glides on smoothly.

★Contains serum ingredients

Creamy Touch Liner  

New Color
07 Azuki Brown
A burgundy brown that adds a touch of sophistication.

Limited Color
08 Matcha Khaki
A khaki green that’s ideal for everyday use.

02 Medium Brown
A brown that gently accentuates the eyes. 

Sophisticated luster that clings to your eyelids        Translucently lustrous eyeshadow.
★Contains beautifying ingredients
★Comes with a double-ended tip

Silky Souffle Eyes 
Limited Color
09 Urban Khaki
Khaki creates a sophisticated impression.

06 Topaz Pink
This dusky pink creates an air of ladylike seductiveness. 

Lessons straight from our make-up artists!
The ideal khaki make-up for your personal color palette.

Recommended for blue-toned complexions!
Use 2 shades for cool eyes

Sweep A over the whole of your lid.
Then use D as a liner color to add definition.
Team with Melty Luminous Rouge 01????♡

Recommended for yellow-toned complexions.
Use 3 shades for chic eyes

Sweep D over the whole of your lid.
Layer A and B over it.
Finally, use D to add definition.
Team with Stay-on Balm Rouge 16????♡

Creamy Touch Liner How To Use
Just twist up about 1mm of tip for use!

・The tip can't be retracted once you've twisted it out!
・Replace the cap tightly after use.

Sara from Cosme Ota Channel has a video to show you how!!!

Keeps your lashes firmly curled!!!
Fiber-based lengthening mascara.

★Contains beautifying ingredients

Quick Lash Curler Long Mascara is
Ideal make-up when you're wearing a mask, too!
Humidity-resistans to keep lashes curled♡
Moisture in your breath escaping from gaps in your mask tends tu make lashes droop...!!

Quick Lash Curler Long Mascara ¥748(tax included)01 Black
Black for bold eyes.

02 Brown

Brown, for a natural-looking wide-eyed gaze.

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