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2021-10-06 Mapepe 吹整加熱用捲髮梳 x Mapepe Heat Roll Brush in 2 size

Mapepe 吹整加熱用捲髮梳





Mapepe 吹整加熱用捲髮梳 mini

Mapepe 吹整加熱用捲髮梳 mini $14.95

Mapepe 吹整加熱用捲髮梳

Mapepe 吹整加熱用捲髮梳 $17.95 

Blow and curl as you like!

Easy ♥ Blow & Curl

The aluminum heat conduction effect makes it easy to style natural inner wrapping and outer shavings.

Easy to roll ♥ Mixed flocking

A mixture of hair-friendly animal hair and nylon hair that catches hair.

Easy to use ♥ handle design

It is made of wood and has a shape that fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to grip.

Roll diameter: Approximately 19 mm

How to use


Dry your hair half-dry with a hair dryer and lightly brush it to condition it. Take an appropriate amount of hair, apply a brush to the root of the hair, apply tension toward the ends of the hair, and comb with a hair dryer. If you scoop your hair and blow it with a brush, the tips will be smooth and calm.

[Add curl]

Dry your hair thoroughly with a hair dryer and lightly brush it to condition it. It curls from the inner hair to the outer hair. Block the hair moderately, comb the hair bundles a little, and then apply a hair dryer to the brush. Repeat the same process several times until you get the desired curl.

[Caution when attaching curls]

It may cause entanglement!

* Do not wrap the brush more than once.

* Use only on the part near the tip of the hair, and never wrap it around the root. Be especially careful when using it near the top of the head.

* Depending on the hair quality, it may be wrapped tightly. Please use it after checking the condition with a small amount of hair at first.

* When removing the curly hair from the brush, slowly and gradually return it straight in the opposite direction of the curly hair. Do not forcibly pull it in the horizontal direction.

* Depending on the hair quality and amount of hair, it may be difficult to curl or the finish may differ.

[Cleaning method]

○ Remove hair loss and dust on the brush with a commercially available brush cleaner.

○ If the brush gets a hair styling product or gets dirty, wipe it off with a dry cloth.

○ Due to the nature of the brush, dust tends to collect, so diligent care is recommended.

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