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HOUSE OF ROSE oh baby body smoother 570g

Award Winning Product in Cosme!!
#1 Ranking Best Cosmo Awards Soap and body wash premium Division
#2 Ranking for Best Seller and Best Cosmo Awards body care & cleaning free category
#2 Ranking for Most reviews

Oh! Baby is a product that helps to exfoliate dead and rough skin especially on the elbows, shoulders and knees.

Gentle even on the most sensitive skin and easy to wash off which is what makes it so popular in Japan!!
Its perfect balance of large and fine scrubbing beads!
Formulated to soften at body temperature allows it to gently dissolve while removing the old and dead skin cells.
Use it daily to achieve baby-like skin! Soft, smooth and refreshing!

Contains no artificial colour and petroleum oil!
Made with natural alkaline hot spring water to soften and remove dead skin cells.
Easy to use and easy to wash off!

Directions for use
Rinse your body with water and apply the scrub.
Concentrate on areas like elbows and knees.
Finally simply wash off and feel your renewed skin.
*Recommend to use it daily for the best results!

ボディスムーザーって? やさしくなでるだけで、全身すべすべ!魔法のようなペーストが、気になるボディのザラつきをなかったことに。触れれば思わず「Oh! Baby!」こんな驚き、あなたも体験してみませんか? 人気のヒミツ 1.やさしくマッサージで角質除去。 2.天然温泉水配合でもっとベビー肌。 3.たっぷり!570gもあるのにお手頃価格♪

まるで温泉に入ったみたい!つるつる肌の作り方 お風呂でよく温まってから「ボディスムーザーN」をマスカット大1個分くらいぬれた手に取り、少量の水またはぬるま湯でやわらかくなるまで練ってください。気になる部分をかる~くマッサージしたら、あとは洗い流すだけ。

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