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Coin mask with cup

Individually wrapped coin mask that is convenient to carry! You can enjoy the pack easily just by adding lotion to the cup! Since it is a sheet material with high water retention capacity, it does not dry even during the pack and has a long lasting moisture.

Description of item

  • ◆Easy to carry because it is individually wrapped!
  • ◆Open the cup and apply lotion as it is! Enjoy the pack easily!
  • ◆It doesn't dry even in the middle of packing, so it stays moist and long lasting!

 "ultrafine cellulose" material that has excellent water retention.
This material is a fiber of natural origin that has been processed with special technology and has a fine crimp. Due to the crimp of the fiber, it can hold moisture tightly and retain more moisture in the mask sheet.

Therefore, it is difficult to dry even during the pack and you can enjoy the pack for a long time.


How to use

  • ① Please use with clean skin after washing your face.
  • ② Peel off the film and add lotion to the cup containing the coin little by little.
    *The point is to add it until it becomes full.
  • ③ Carefully unfold the coin mask as it expands. Align the unfolded coin mask with the eye position, then align the mouth position and spread it over the entire face, and overlap the notches to fit the shape of the face.
    * When unfolding the coin mask, pulling it forcibly may cause it to break, so please unfold it carefully.
  • ④ Relax time for 5-10 minutes as it is! After packing, remove the coin mask and gently apply the lotion left on your skin.

●Do not use for any purpose other than the stated purpose and usage. ● It is a disposable type that can be used once only once. Do not reuse. ●Do not use if you have an abnormality on your skin or if it does not fit your skin. ● Adjust the amount of included lotion and be careful not to get it on your eyes, mouth, or clothes. ● Do not continue using the product for a long time, such as sleeping with the pack. ● The sheet does not dissolve in water, so do not wash it down the washroom or toilet. ● Store in a clean place, avoiding extremely hot or cold places, places exposed to direct sunlight, and places with high humidity. ● Black spots may be seen on the sheet, but this is due to the raw material and there is no problem with quality.

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