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Soft cushion paddle brush

    • ●Brushing before styling For
      cohesive hair that is easy to style.
    • ● Before going
      to bed, take a tang of brushed hair and go to bed, so that the next morning's hair becomes calm.

    Brushing before shampoo removes tangling of hair and improves shampoo effect

    Pompon: Scalp care by tapping on your favorite part.
    Push…Push the brush lightly against the background → repeat the removal.
    ◇ How to care ◇
    • ● Due to the nature of the brush, it is easy for hair loss and dust to accumulate on the brush part, so frequent maintenance is recommended.
    • ● If the brush comes with hair dressing or becomes dirty, wipe it with a dry cloth.
    • * Do not wet the main body with water or wash it with water. There is a risk of deformation of natural wood and peeling of paint. Also, if water enters from the air holes, it may cause mold.
  • For hair that is smooth and easy to style.

    Wide size brushing at once. Soft cushions stimulate the scalp comfortably!

    ■ Hair gets tangled and melts smoothly
    Brushing at once with a wide brush surface! As the entanglement can be removed smoothly, there is no damage from the entanglement, and the hair is smooth! It is organized smoothly and smoothly.
    ■ Soft cushions that soften the scalp
    The wide size and moderately fluffy cushion softly soften the scalp! The gentle curve fits the scalp comfortably for maximum comfort.
    ■Pin head that reaches the scalp firmly
    The round pin head that feels good on the skin reaches the scalp firmly and brushes! It doesn't hurt and is comfortable to use.


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