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Makeup puff of moist sticky feeling gentle per skin

Motchiri fluffy exquisite elasticity sense of gentle touch on your skin make-up puff. Prevent the powder float of powder foundation, it brought into close contact with the non-uniformity without skin. With a ribbon in the larger size! It is comfortable to use a sense of stability.


[Liquid Cream Foundation]

From put the foundation, such as the forehead, nose and cheek with a finger, please let me rub your skin with a puff.

[Powder Foundation]

Take an appropriate amount of foundation to puff, from put gently to your skin, please let me rub to beat in lightly with pom-poms.

[Finish of the base makeup]

Extra foundation remaining on the skin surface let soften to beat in lightly with pom-poms.

  • ★ because of the high absorption, your put directly to puff a liquid cream foundation, please be avoided.

[How to Care]

● When a puff is dirty, dissolved the kitchen for a neutral detergent in warm water, please wash massaging gently by hand. ● After thoroughly rinsed, please shade take the moisture. ● are we replace time Once the texture of the puff is becoming rough.

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