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沒有底色的閃粉 , 可以掃上任何眼影色調之上






04 Aqua Sugar

A blue that enhances translucence♡


Drape your eyelids in a shimmering veil♥

An eyeshadow that adds sparkle, without color

How you use it is up to you ♥

● Contains glitter without a base color, so you can layer it over any eyeshadow you choose! Use it when you want to add a touch of sparkle to your favorite eyeshadow ♪

● Ideal for when you want sparkling eye make-up without color... Just apply this to get eyelids with the perfect shimmer!

● If you want to add a delicate sparkle that doesn’t dazzle, apply this over an eyeshadow primer, before your eyeshadow, to give your make-up a nonchalantly opulent look ♪

The perfect sparkle for any eye make-up!

● Contains two types of glitter, both the same color, but different in size, giving you the freedom to choose between a fine, delicate shimmer and a bolder, more glamorous sparkle. Mix the two together and the possibilities are endless ♪ Vary the sparkle on your eyelids every day to suit your clothing and hairstyle ♥

The secret of its superior sparkle

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