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中間的寶石閃粉(TOPPING JEWEL ),可以自由添加所需的閃粉數量,



[21]Strawberry Milk Mocha

Sweet shades of brown with a pink tinge.


his moist powder feels great on your skin, achieving a highly-pigmented true-color finish.

A moist powder formulation, containing squalane(moisturizing ingredient or agent).

Goes on smoothly and clings tightly to your lids, without shedding particles!

Just one application achieves a high-color finish that lasts and lasts without becoming dull!

Completely versatile, whether you want a lame finish or a less glittery look!

Add translucent, luminescent lame as a topping, like a piece of jewelry!

Using it as an accent point looks even more stylish ♥

♥Recommended application method♥

Use the topping on your lower lids ⇒ Makes the margins of your lower lids look more moist

and swollen, giving your eyes added impact and giving you maximum cuteness ♥

Use the topping in the center of your eyelids ⇒ For added definition and glamor!

No topping ⇒ Hold the lame, for neat, natural-looking make-up!

Also suitable for school or work ♪

Create 2 different make-up looks suited to any occasion!

● Choose your main color and alternate between the two styles, depending on your mood ♥

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