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滋潤並預防嘴唇乾裂 讓雙唇呈現健康光澤 含蜂蜜和蜂王漿精萃,簡易方便護唇良方,預防嘴唇乾裂。



● 植物源性角鯊烷:讓雙唇如絲般光滑。

● 蜂王漿精萃:營造出豐滿的嘟嘟嘴。

● 玫瑰果籽油及橄欖油:具有持久保濕功能。

Country and Stream Natural honey lip make your lip shiny & healthy 

soothes & prevents dry, chapped lips HONEY LIP CARE, the rich cream containing honey and royal

jelly extract thoroughly shields your lips, which can have a tendency to roughness. 

Quick and easy lip care wherever you are, protecting your lips fro dryness and chapping all day long. 

* soothes & prevents dry, chapped lips the rich cream containing honey and royal jelly 

extract thoroughly shield your lips. protecting them from tendency to dryness. 

* Simple to use stick format, glides smoothly over rough lips, without stickiness makes it simple to care 

for your lips anytime. anywhere. 

* delicate honey fragrance. the sweet scent will comfort you each time you use it. 

Ingredients carefully selected to nourish your lips 

* For silky - smooth lips honey plant-derived squalane. * for plump lips royal jelly extract 

* Long-lasting moisture rosehip oil, olive oil. 

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