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添加3種蜂蜜與蜂王乳成分,令潤澤持續浸透肌膚底層 四季皆宜的多功能保濕凝露

快速地被肌膚吸收,不黏膩 有效解決乾燥問題,呵護肌膚 亦可厚敷,做為晚安面膜

Country and Stream Golden moisturizer moisturize in a flash, without stickiness RICH HONEY GEL.

New formulation for even longer-lasting hydration Our hydrating,non-sticky golden moisturizer continues to be a popular long-seller. 

Now we've added ingredients derived from honey and royal jelly to transform it into a gel-based beauty lasting hydration while retaining its luscious texture. continued use will restore the moisture balance of your skin helping it to stay healthy and resist chapping. 

1. The non-sticky formulation makes it simple to use. 2.  Honey 3 PLUS formulation for long-lasting moisture. contains three-types of honey derived ingredients and three types of ingredients derived from royal jelly these lock in the moisture your skin needs, keeping ir dewy until morning and leaving it plumped, with improved elasticity. 3. Extra ingredients to promote healthy skin. 4. Generous-sized container- no need to be stingy you can use it in various ways, according to the condition of your skin. 

** use to combat dryness all year round. ** use as an overnight face pack ** use as a treatment for your decollete and neck. 

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