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塗抹後肌膚展現令人感動的清爽感。 添加美容保濕成分,不必擔心肌膚乾燥。

並且添加皮脂吸收粉末,所以可以抑制肌膚皮脂。 不管任何季節皆可使用。

Ideal for those who want to make textural irregularities, pores and shine look like they’ve vanished completely!

UV Cut

Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents

Skin‐tightening agents

Formulation designed with your skin in mind

Free from mineral oils,petroleum-based surfactants, ultraviolet absorbers, parabens, and fragrances

For uneven pores: Transparent Finish Powder!

We recommend this face powder containing fine-textured pearl if you have uneven pores that tend to cast a shadow!

The pearl particles reflect light, making worrying pores and uneven skin texture less noticeable.

Bare skin

Uneven skin texture, pores and shine are a concern!!!

With Poreless Airy Base alone

Conceals concerning textural irregularities and pores, as though covering your face with a veil ❤

Poreless Airy Base + Transparent Finish Powder over the whole of your face

Enhances the finish of your make-up and gives skin a natural luster!

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