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直徑1.5mm 激細、極致滑順的筆尖,輕柔的滑過眼皮,低阻力特殊配方讓描繪眼線時不傷害眼部脆弱肌膚。


1.5mm 纖細筆尖,讓妳輕鬆描繪細緻線條與填補睫毛間空隙。








Soft, super-smooth tip
● Glides onto your eyelids! The low-drag tip is formulated to be kind to your eyelids.

1.5mm hyper-slim tip
● With such a slim tip, drawing ultra-fine lines and filling in the gaps between lashes is simplicity itself ♪
● Twist-up design means that the tip stays slim.

Bold, rich color
● Provides perfect color with just one application, so there's no need to go over the line again.
● Rich color that’s just glossy enough to make your eyes stand out!

A beautiful line that lasts and lasts
● Once dry, it clings to your lids and won't budge a millimeter! Waterproof formulation resistant to water, sweat, tears, and sebum.
● Stands up to rubbing, so your make-up stays looking as fresh as it did when you first applied it.

Contains beautifying (moisturizing) ingredients
Squalane, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, sodium hyaluronate

● The tip is very soft, so do not twist up more than 1–2mm for use.
● Please note that the tip can't be retracted once you have twisted it up.

CANMAKE Creamy Touch Liner 柔滑眼線筆 06 Foggy Plum

CANMAKE Creamy Touch Liner 柔滑眼線筆 05 Bitter Caramel

CANMAKE Creamy Touch Liner 柔滑眼線筆 04 GARNET BURGUNDY

CANMAKE Creamy Touch Liner 柔滑眼線筆 03 深咖

CANMAKE Creamy Touch Liner 柔滑眼線筆 02 咖

CANMAKE Creamy Touch Liner 柔滑眼線筆 01 黑
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