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* 1 的清新香味。保濕海鹽及乳木果油 * 

2 的濕潤面紗保護您的皮膚免受干燥。 


Aroma specialist manufacturer is particular about Japanese scent and salt. A refreshing scent containing carefully selected Kochi Prefecture Yuzu essential oil * 1. The growing salt adheres to your skin. The moist veil of shea butter * 2 protects your skin from dryness. Fine salt from Setouchi removes dead skin cells and leads to smooth and smooth skin.

高知県産YUZU ボディマッサージスクラブ

高知県産YUZU ボディマッサージスクラブ

高知県産YUZU ボディマッサージスクラブ

Directions for use
Rinse your body with water and apply the scrub.
Concentrate on areas like elbows and knees.
Finally simply wash off and feel your renewed skin.
*Recommend to use it daily for the best results!

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