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Takashima's Customer Service is ready to assist you. Please choose from the following options products, exchange or return, group purchase, or any other inquire , store locations, and more. Please contact our HQ-Jcosme internatonal inc Tel: 909-598-7388 

歡迎您來到高島生活館 Takashima 網站顧客服務中心, 若您有任何意見或問題可以透過電話或電子郵件與我們聯繫,也可以在FAQ常見的相關問題中查詢您要的資訊。感謝您的來信,我們會在收到訊息後由門市部-總公司 Jcosme international inc..-HQ or Visit  專人為您答覆,謝謝!  Tel: 909-598-7388

高島生活館-門 市 客 訴 T: 909-598-7388 

or Email: experiencing customer services issue, please file a complaint with us:

For customer complain , please make sure to have correct name & phone 

TAKASHIMA will take serious corrective measures to prevent the same problems and issues from resurfacing.

This form is for retailers, business , job application, organizations interested in purchasing products or PR request 

  • For Sales please call 909-598-7388  
  • For PR request 

Application requirements:

An Instagram account is required to apply. If you do not have an account, please first obtain one before joining. Those who are following the official Instagram account  @canmake_usa @countryandstream_usa @takashima_store , Youtube channel , Twitter, or any related social platform even after the application period is over, and those whose account is open to the public are eligible.  If your account is closed or unfollowed, it will be invalid. The target is limited to those who live in USA .

■ How to apply

  1. please present your account of any social media, such as Instagram , Facebook , twitter, YouTube etc. 
  2. Follow official instagram @canmake_usa “ those who have already followed are also eligible to apply 
  3. Those who are already followed are also eligible to apply

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JCOSME international inc. 

19224 E Walnut Dr, N, City of industry ,Ca 91748

Tel: 909-598-7388 

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10: 00-17: 00 / Mon - Fri  exclude holidays

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