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CANMAKE Secret Beauty Powder [01] Clear Powder



厚重底妝+戴上口罩後,覺得妝容都要溶了...?戴口罩的時候不妨採用較輕薄的底妝 不易造成毛孔阻塞 又可維持肌膚美麗

Non-powdery and won't conceal too much. For pure, translucent-looking skin.

日夜都可以使用的透亮素肌粉 晚間用晚上睡覺時都可以搽上,全個晚上都可以用的透亮素肌粉



日間使用可用作底妝粉 比沒有化妝好一點的低調美妝法



"Oh, I'm not wearing any make-up." But that's a lie ♥
A translucent skin powder for use at any time of day or night
Your secret formula for "beautiful skin even without make-up"

Comes with puff and mirror
You can even wear it while you're sleeping
Contains beautifying ingredients

A translucent skin powder for use at any time of day or night
● You can even wear it while you’re sleeping! Use it as a translucent powder in the day and a night 

powder overnight.

Keeps skin dewy and silky-smooth
● Contains 5 moisturizing agents, keeping skin dewy & less prone to dryness.
● Sebum-adsorbing agents cling to sebum & keep the skin's surface silky-smooth.

"Better than bare skin, lower-key than make-up"
● Contains soft-focus effect powder to softly blur flaws in your skin, creating the effect of a smooth, 

beautiful, make-up-free face.
● Natural finish that doesn't feel like make-up, so you won't get found out easily.

Formulation designed with your skin in mind
● 5-free formulation
Free from fragrance, mineral oil, ethanol, tar-based pigments, and UV absorbers

CANMAKE Secret Beauty Powder 水潤素肌蜜粉 (02 自然 ) 

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