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Rosy rosa jelly touch sponge House type 6P

With water Plump! Purupuru feel. Transparent glossy skin finish!

Plump swell sponge with water! Glossy skin finish a sense of transparency! In fine-grained sponge, fit to foundation to your skin, evenly cover. Good growth, since moderately thin with, it finishes in glossy skin a sense of transparency. Purupuru feels good to feel, is a friendly sponge per soft skin.

  • Sponge moistened with water, firmly squeezed. Sponge will be a soft touch that is more fluffy and swells Plump to include water.
  • Take an appropriate amount of foundation on the sponge, we are stretched so as to slide the top of your skin.

  • From put the foundation, such as the forehead, nose, and cheek with a finger, please use so as to adapt to break even with the lightly your skin with a sponge.

  • Because of the high absorption, your put directly to sponge the liquid cream foundation, please be avoided.
  • Please keep from dry well after use.
  • Those of latex allergy because natural rubber non-use also you can use.
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