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Shiny and natural hair mini mix brush

To shiny, calm hair.

Firm boars keep your hair organized. Nylon hair stimulates the scalp moderately!

■ To polish and sleep
Natural boar gives the hair a natural luster and cohesion. Since it is a firm natural hair, it is also ideal for sleeping.
■ You can blow with moderate tension
With a combination of boar and nylon hair, it gives the hair a good tension and is ideal for straight hair blowing. For a calm and cohesive style.
■Pin head that reaches the scalp firmly
The round pin head that feels good on the skin reaches the scalp firmly and brushes! It doesn't hurt and is comfortable to use.
■Mini size that is suitable for going out and traveling
Keep it in your bag and fix it before the meeting. Brushing your hair and skin comfortably anytime, anywhere. It is also recommended as a place brush for offices and schools. With gentle and gentle brushing, no entanglement will occur!
  • Before shampoo
  • ◆ Before going to bed
  • ◆ Before going out
  • 1. Remove the tangled hair
    1 Remove the tangled hair
    Comb little by little from the tip of the hair to remove the entanglement. Suddenly inserting a brush from the root of the hair will damage the hair and roots. If you are concerned about damage to the tips of your hair, apply a small amount of oil or treatment to make it smoother.
  • 2. Comb the whole
  • comb the whole
    Comb all over so that the brush touches the scalp. Not only the top of the head but also the back of the head, gently and gently 


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