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不脫妝好物推薦!完美眉型持續一整日!美國最大主流媒體 -  ALLURE 推薦品 & 知名彩妝部落客一代

女神.. Pony 介紹品!




A brow coat that keeps eyebrow make-up looking perfect!
Guards your make-up against rubbing, water, sweat, and sebum ♥

Stands up to water,sweat,sebum,and rubbing
Contains beautifying agents

A resilient coating for your eyebrow make-up ♥
● Waterproof formulation resistant to sweat and sebum.
● Stops your eyebrow make-up from being rubbed off by your bangs, especially at the tail of the brows ♥
You can even use it over eyebrow mascara ♥
● Formulation that you can even use over eyebrow mascara, which has a tendency to run.
● You’ll notice the difference – just quickly apply one coat after finishing your eyebrow make-up!
● Suitable for all types of eyebrow make-up: powder, pencil, liquid, and eyebrow mascara.
For a soft, natural finish ♥
● Non-shiny, natural-looking finish, so it won’t affect your look.
● Won’t make brows feel stiff or starchy!
● Also ideal for keeping your natural brows looking neat and tidy.
Make-up that cares for your skin ♥
● Contains 15 beauty essences and moisturizing agents.
[Panthenol・hydrolyzed silk・royal jelly・Swertia japonica・lavender flower・Sophora angustifolia root・angelica root・ginseng root・Chinese peony root・ginger root・Cnidium officinale rhizome・Rosa multiflora fruit・white mulberry root・peach leaf extract・biotinoyl tripeptide-1]

Apply a small amount to the brush and lightly stroke it over your brows after you’ve done your eyebrow make-up.
♥Avoid touching or rubbing it until it has dried.

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