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黛珂根據古老的東方習慣,可以將這種面部按摩工具(即刮Sha)與特定的壓力技術配合使用,以促進血液循環和放鬆面部肌肉,從而改善整體清晰度並提升外觀。 每個刮Sha板均由易於抓握的瓷質製成。它們是用手工精心製作的,在日本岐阜縣水浪市的烤箱中燒製而成,該市以其悠久的陶器歷史而聞名。

Decorté - Guasha Plate Facial Massage Tool -

Based upon ancient Eastern practices, this facial massage tool, or Gua-Sha, can be applied with specific pressure techniques to promote blood circulation and relax facial muscles to improve overall definition and achieve a more lifted appearance.

Each Gua Sha plate is made from porcelain with an easy-to grip shape. Carefully created by hand, they are fired in an oven in Mizunami City in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, known for its long history in pottery.

Porcelain. MADE IN JAPAN.

Take a generous amount of serum or emulsion, apply gently over skin. Use Guasha Tool with gentle pressure for approximately 3-4 seconds on each target point.

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